Our Story

All bodies are bikini bodies - but not all bikini makers are created equal. 

Many brands want to hop on the bandwagon of size inclusivity, without taking the unique concerns of curvier bodies to heart. All of curve-kind knows the pain of ordering an expensive swimsuit, just to have half of it not fit your curves, or to be falling out of the top or bottoms. And what is the use of a cute swimsuit you cant move or swim in!?
{Not everyone can afford to have a couture swimsuit designed just for their curves}
It's not practical to visit a tailor every time you buy a swimsuit to have it properly fitted to your curves - but now you can have swimwear created by a Tailor - A Tailor who understands how to cater clothing to a curvy body. 
Brdly The Tailor has been creating garments for curvy bodies for 14 years, and now she is bringing her expertise to the swimwear industry.

With Tailrd: Swimwear by Brdly you can find sexy, FUNCTIONAL swimwear, designed to flatter and support curves of all kinds. Our beautiful, high quality swim separates can be tailored to your body by giving you the freedom to order different sizes of tops and bottoms. So whether you are apple, pear, or hourglass you are guaranteed a suit that fits your unique shape.